2015 Wedding Season

Booking now for Summer 2015! | Arranged on Essen

As the 2014 wedding season winds down, we’re excited to announce that we’re officially booking for next wedding season! We are here for you no matter what your event needs are. We’re up for coordinating anything as small as re-filling snacks at the bar or as large as the entire process of your day. It’s your day to spend relaxing and enjoying the moment – so sit back and let us take care of all the details … we promise it’ll look even better than your dream wedding pinterest board. It will be our first season as a new business, so we are willing work with any budget you have, just shoot Hailey an email and we can talk logistics!

Image taken by the lovely Athena Pelton.

my home away from home

It is officially the end of the second week into my senior year of college. On one hand, I can’t believe that my senior year is finally here … but on the other hand it seems like it has taken ages to get to this point. I’m excited for new adventures to come my way once this year is over but until then I’m going to sit back and enjoy my last year. I moved into my new apartment the Sunday before classes started, and I’ve finally settled in and had enough time to take pictures while the sun is still up ( the lighting in this place is unreal ). I’m excited to share with you my last ( school ) apartment!

DIY yarn letter to hang on door | Arranged on Essen
^^^ I made this yarn letter last year for my apartment and I loved it so much I had to bring it to this one, too! It’s made out of the cardboard letters that you can pick up from any craft store and I just used some old yarn I had lying around and started winding it around really thick to make sure all the cardboard was covered up and used some mod podge to secure the ends!

DIY string beads for wall artwork | Arranged on Essen
^^^ These beads are my favorite decoration that I own. They’re so versatile in what you can use them for! I’ve used them for an apartment-safe Christmas Tree before, I’ve used them for vase filler, and obviously just for hanging on the wall for a cool tribal-ish wall covering. I knew when I found them at Hunt & Gather that I would get my money’s worth out of them.

Vintage Chair $5 from garage sale | Arranged on Essen
^^^ See what I mean about all that natural light? My plants LOVE this place! This chair is my favorite part of the apartment I think. It’s a chair that my mom found at a garage sale for $5 when I was in elementary school, and we’ve always had it hanging out somewhere in our house. It’s known to pull a room together – which is exactly what it is doing in the living room here. It’s also such a comfort to sit in because it feels like home.

Ikea table + rug + bamboo | Arranged on Essen

Jade Succulent Plant | Arranged on Essen