DIY artwork ft. Paper Source

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

Our basement facelift has been a work in process for the past year, and we’re finally putting together all the little details. One of my favorite projects for this space was picking out the artwork for the walls. We knew that we wanted something that was calm, but also something that had a tiny bit of a rustic / modern flair. We were out shopping one day for wall decoration and kept getting frustrated with 1) how expensive everything was, and 2) how duplicate / unorigional the affordable stuff looked! Right when we were able to throw in the towel and just live with empty walls, we noticed Paper Source right across the street. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this before – it seems like such a “duh!” thing to use Paper Source’s Fine Paper line as artwork! They have such a huge variety of different styles, colors, and textures to choose from and it seriously fits the price tag. It was so simple to do, here’s some pictures of the 5-minute process!

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

We went with Ikea’s Ribba 8×10 frames because of their wide matting, plus the price tag was right. The only step in this DIY project is to cut down the paper to the correct size to fit in your frame. Just make sure that you measure correctly, using the matting as a guideline to help you cut the correct size to fit into the frame. Then put the backing on and put it on your mantel ( like we did ) or wherever you plan on hanging it. IT’S THAT EASY!

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

For under $30, we found two patterns that we loved for our space. That even includes the three frames that we bought from Ikea to frame the paper in! I love the idea of using Paper Source’s fine paper line for artwork because it’s seriously the easiest DIY artwork you’ll ever do, and it’s easily replaceable if you get sick of a pattern! Happy DIY-ing!

Galentines Day Essentials

nine essentials you need for your galentines day get-together.

Being single on Valentines day is sometimes the worst. But instead of throwing a pity party for one, have a Galentine’s Day slumber party! Because, what’s better than ladies celebrating ladies? If you’ve never heard of Galentine’s Day before, first of all you’re really missing out on the whole parks and rec thing… but second of all, here’s a clip to fill you in! Galentine’s day falls on a Friday this year, which is just perfect timing for a slumber party! Here’s a list of the essentials you’ll need for hosting the best Galentine’s Day slumber party ever :

01. This Kate Spade iPad case is the perfect excuse to EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST! When you wake up after your slumber party, why not eat that leftover cake that you were too full to eat after all your other junk food last night?

02. Don’t forget to document your Galentine’s Day with 8,000 selfies on your Instax camera! I’m saving up for one of these babies, cause I’m quickly realizing that I don’t want to live without one anymore.

03. If you haven’t already been lured in by the package design of Talenti Gelato, let alone all their stomach-growling-flavors, you need to give in. My favorite flavor is the Mediterranean Mint, but I think that this black raspberry chocolate chip is the next one I try. PS how could you get through a Galentine’s Day slumber party without eating a pint of ice cream?

04. This weekender bag from Everlane is the perfect bag to hold everything you bring to your slumber party plus how adorable is it?

05. Does anybody else remember the game Girl Talk? This was my go-to game at all my elementary school and middle school slumber parties. So, like … can you imagine how much fun it would be to play now – after a few glasses of wine?

06. Speaking of wine … this Sofia Riesling is up next on my ‘wine-to-try’ list. Plus, why not take the fun a step further and strap a go-pro to your bottle like Jen Gotch did with her ladies?

07. If you had a party without a candle, did you really have a party? Just kidding. But this candle from Anthropologie is not only super cute, but smells amazing. Trust me.

08. Your slumber party won’t be complete without a movie, right? So while you’re crying to your favorite sappy rom-com ( my fave is P.S. I Love You ), don’t forget to snuggle up with this throw.

09. Saving the best essential for last. This t-shirt from Victoria’s Secret is probably my most favorite things of all time and I can’t believe I don’t own it yet ( getting on it now, don’t worry ). FRIES BEFORE GUYS, LADIES!