Graduation Season

Class of 2016 | Arranged on Essen

It’s almost that time of year again, when all of our weekends turn into going to graduation parties and eating way too many walking tacos or pulled pork sandwiches. I can’t take it anymore! It’s time to put an end to the boring traditional graduation parties. Enough with the bouquet of balloons in class colors, tacky “congrats, grad” banners, and please don’t tell me you’re planning on using those plastic-y/vinyl tablecloths. YOU CAN DO BETTER! These grads have worked so hard through all 12 years of school and deserve a celebration that really reflects their personality and accomplishments!

I’ve mentioned on here before that my little sister is graduating high school this year, and we’re having an absolute blast planning her grad party. The photo below is actually the moodboard I created for her party — we’re going with a woodland fairy theme, which fits her personality to a T. We’ll be hosting it at our house, which has its pros and cons. For example, it’s saving us a TON of money instead of renting out a venue. On the downside though, it doesn’t give us much to work with aesthetic-wise. It’ll be tough to transform our garage into an enchanted forest, but we’re up for the challenge and I think we can make it something really cool with a little help from some plants, white backdrops and gold accents.

Grad Party moodboard | Arranged on Essen

I think there are three essentials to hosting a one-of-a-kind grad party that honors the grad in the best light:

01. PERSONALITY. If the grad was big into volunteering throughout their high school career, go and talk to your local humane society and see if you can get some animals at your grad party.

02. KNICK KNACKS. A grad party should feel and look like the graduate. Bring out some of the grad’s favorite stuffed animals from growing up, maybe a favorite decoration piece from their childhood bedroom, and of course a ton of pictures from over the years.

03. FOOD. Did you really think I’d get through this post without mentioning food again? Think about how huge grad parties can get! You invite ALL the family members over, and they’re gonna expect a good meal! Pick something fun and easy ( especially if you’re going to be doing the catering yourself ) Something fun to do is to pick a favorite school lunch of the grad’s. I remember for my grad party we did mashed potato bowls because it was my favorite school lunch in high school. And let me tell you, it was a hit. Not only did nobody else think of that for a meal, but it was quick and customizable!

I hope that that little bit of advice helps if you’re totally stuck in a rut trying to figure out how to best honor your graduate who has worked so hard! Feel free to contact me if you need more inspiration! :)

(credit for the images in the moodboard can be found on our pinterest board)