DIY tree stump side table

DIY tree stump side table | Arranged on Essen

With holiday parties and lots of entertaining right around the corner, we’re putting it in high gear around here to get the house in tip-top shape. We recently bought this couch from Ikea to finish off our couch-less basement (seriously, we didn’t have a couch down here for like, 2 years). As soon as we had some real furniture down here, we realized quickly that we needed some other little accents to help pull it all together. Thanks to a blog post from Sugar and Cloth from a couple of months ago, I was inspired to make a similar side table to her DIY mid-century planters – just with a couple of different supplies.


Last month, one of my cousins got married and they had these adorable tree stump centerpieces with succulents and candles on each table. I wish I had a picture of them to link here so you could see them, because it was such a cute idea. After the wedding was over, I couldn’t get these centerpieces out of my head and kept wondering what in the world they were going to do with all of these leftover tree stumps from their wedding. Thank goodness they weren’t just planning on tossing these things out, because when I asked if I could have one they gladly handed a couple over for me to do some arts and crafts with!


The thing I love about this DIY project though, is that if you don’t have an awesome family member who didn’t just have a wedding with tree stumps for decor, you can easily pick up one of these bad boy tree stumps from Michael’s for under $20.


DIY tree stump side table | Arranged on Essen

Materials Needed:

tree stump with at least 12″ diameter (can be larger or smaller depending on the size of the table you want, but you may need to adjust the size of the legs you get depending on the size of the tree stump) / three 16″ wooden taper legs (or shorter, if you choose to do a smaller tree stump) / three angle leg plates / drill with drill bit and phillips head screwdriver bit / wood stain (I like to use a walnut finish) / foam brush / gold spray paint (optional)


  1. tape off the wood on the tapered legs if you want to spray paint the metal bottoms to be gold (this step is optional)
  2. once the gold spray paint has dried, apply the wood stain to your tapered legs with the foam brush
  3. as you’re waiting for the wood stain to dry, use your drill bit to pre-drill the holes for attaching the angled leg plates to the bottom of your tree stump.
  4. once your angled leg plates are attached and the stain has dried on the tapered legs, screw the legs into the angled leg plates and stand your table right side up!
  5. style with cute accessories + enjoy!
    DIY tree stump side table | Arranged on Essen

I’m so happy with how this table turned out, and I love how versatile you can make it! If you didn’t want the rustic look that the tree stump gives the table, you can also just use a wooden plaque that you can also buy at michaels for super cheap. But I have to say that the best part of this DIY project is how easy it was to make!

I also want to give a shoutout to my good friend, Olivia who makes super cute wall hangings (like the one in the picture above) over on her etsy shop, okay design. You should definitely go check out her stuff ASAP because she’s offering 20% off your order and free shipping now through this Friday (10/30) with code OCTOBER! ♥