DIY artwork ft. Paper Source

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

Our basement facelift has been a work in process for the past year, and we’re finally putting together all the little details. One of my favorite projects for this space was picking out the artwork for the walls. We knew that we wanted something that was calm, but also something that had a tiny bit of a rustic / modern flair. We were out shopping one day for wall decoration and kept getting frustrated with 1) how expensive everything was, and 2) how duplicate / unorigional the affordable stuff looked! Right when we were able to throw in the towel and just live with empty walls, we noticed Paper Source right across the street. I can’t believe that I didn’t think of this before – it seems like such a “duh!” thing to use Paper Source’s Fine Paper line as artwork! They have such a huge variety of different styles, colors, and textures to choose from and it seriously fits the price tag. It was so simple to do, here’s some pictures of the 5-minute process!

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

We went with Ikea’s Ribba 8×10 frames because of their wide matting, plus the price tag was right. The only step in this DIY project is to cut down the paper to the correct size to fit in your frame. Just make sure that you measure correctly, using the matting as a guideline to help you cut the correct size to fit into the frame. Then put the backing on and put it on your mantel ( like we did ) or wherever you plan on hanging it. IT’S THAT EASY!

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

DIY artwork with Paper Source Fine Paper

For under $30, we found two patterns that we loved for our space. That even includes the three frames that we bought from Ikea to frame the paper in! I love the idea of using Paper Source’s fine paper line for artwork because it’s seriously the easiest DIY artwork you’ll ever do, and it’s easily replaceable if you get sick of a pattern! Happy DIY-ing!

Galentines Day Essentials

nine essentials you need for your galentines day get-together.

Being single on Valentines day is sometimes the worst. But instead of throwing a pity party for one, have a Galentine’s Day slumber party! Because, what’s better than ladies celebrating ladies? If you’ve never heard of Galentine’s Day before, first of all you’re really missing out on the whole parks and rec thing… but second of all, here’s a clip to fill you in! Galentine’s day falls on a Friday this year, which is just perfect timing for a slumber party! Here’s a list of the essentials you’ll need for hosting the best Galentine’s Day slumber party ever :

01. This Kate Spade iPad case is the perfect excuse to EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST! When you wake up after your slumber party, why not eat that leftover cake that you were too full to eat after all your other junk food last night?

02. Don’t forget to document your Galentine’s Day with 8,000 selfies on your Instax camera! I’m saving up for one of these babies, cause I’m quickly realizing that I don’t want to live without one anymore.

03. If you haven’t already been lured in by the package design of Talenti Gelato, let alone all their stomach-growling-flavors, you need to give in. My favorite flavor is the Mediterranean Mint, but I think that this black raspberry chocolate chip is the next one I try. PS how could you get through a Galentine’s Day slumber party without eating a pint of ice cream?

04. This weekender bag from Everlane is the perfect bag to hold everything you bring to your slumber party plus how adorable is it?

05. Does anybody else remember the game Girl Talk? This was my go-to game at all my elementary school and middle school slumber parties. So, like … can you imagine how much fun it would be to play now – after a few glasses of wine?

06. Speaking of wine … this Sofia Riesling is up next on my ‘wine-to-try’ list. Plus, why not take the fun a step further and strap a go-pro to your bottle like Jen Gotch did with her ladies?

07. If you had a party without a candle, did you really have a party? Just kidding. But this candle from Anthropologie is not only super cute, but smells amazing. Trust me.

08. Your slumber party won’t be complete without a movie, right? So while you’re crying to your favorite sappy rom-com ( my fave is P.S. I Love You ), don’t forget to snuggle up with this throw.

09. Saving the best essential for last. This t-shirt from Victoria’s Secret is probably my most favorite things of all time and I can’t believe I don’t own it yet ( getting on it now, don’t worry ). FRIES BEFORE GUYS, LADIES!


February Background

FREE February desktop background | Arranged on Essen

I can’t believe how quickly January flew by. It’s almost February, guys! Up here in MN, we deal with loooooong frigid cold winters and when February rolls around most of us are about ready to drop everything and book a plane ticket to anywhere warm even just for a few days. I wish I could say that I’m heading down to Florida again for a mini vacation, but I’m stuck here in the tundra. We’ve gotta make the best of it though, and the grass will turn green once again. So, I threw together this little background with my favorite picture from our recent trip to Florida over Christmas to serve as a reminder that the end is coming and we will unthaw. Feel free to use the links below to download this background on whatever device! Happy February ♥

1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 2650×1440 | iPad | iPhone

Save, don’t Splurge : West Elm Lamp


DIY west elm lamp | save, don't splurge | Arranged on Essen

I’ve been a little bit obsessed with spray painting projects this past week, and am excited to finally show the end results in a new column I’m calling Save, don’t Splurge. The lamp in the top picture above is the finished product that I created from an old pink and silver lamp that I have had ( and not used ) since fifth grade. I was looking through all the old stuff we have tucked away in a closet one day sorting things into keep, throw, and garage sale piles. I had this lamp in the garage sale pile until I looked at it again and realized I could actually make it look really cute. Who would have thought that an old pink lamp could be transformed into something you could buy right out of a west elm catalogue.

The lamp on the bottom is actually a lamp I found on west elm‘s website, priced at $99. I know my lamp isn’t the same exact thing, but it’s pretty darn close, and my version literally only cost me 2 cans of spray paint, and some bakers twine ( to jazz up the cord ) or about $9. The best part is, I didn’t even end up using all of those supplies on this one project, leaving me leftovers for other things in the future.

DIY west elm lamp | save, don't splurge | Arranged on Essen DIY west elm lamp | save, don't splurge | Arranged on Essen DIY west elm lamp | save, don't splurge | Arranged on Essen DIY west elm lamp | save, don't splurge | Arranged on Essen

Life in Squares 02

Life in Squares, an Instagram Recap | Arranged on Essen

01. I think that I’ve decided spraypaint is my new favorite accessory. Okay, not really… but I love how easy it is to turn something that you would have thrown in the garage sale pile into something that you took right out a West Elm catalogue. I have a blog post coming up on Friday about some of the things that I transformed yesterday. I’m really excited to share!

02. You guys… if you haven’t heard about the workshop Be Free, Lance you should change that right now. This week is the first week of the workshop, but it has been fun to make connections and get to know fellow freelancers through the workshop’s private facebook group. I’m seriously looking forward to learning more from Bre and Jen in the next few weeks!

03. The past few weeks around here have been brutally cold. These MN winters don’t cut us any slack. I even shared my cold weather essentials last week. It has been hard to resist staying in bed under the blankets and watch gilmore girls all day. It’s finally been above zero with higher windchills, and it’s supposed to get to 22 today for the high ( #HeatWave ).

04. Last week, I finally got a much needed hair cut … and ended up chopping off like 10 inches. I used to have short hair in late high school and freshman year of college, but have been growing it out since then. I’ve been on the fence about keeping it long or going back to short for a long time and I finally just took the leap and cut it. Now I go back and forth every day on whether I love it or absolutely regret getting it cut at all. Any tips on styling short hair are greatly appreciated!

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RECIPE : Green Machine

Green Machine Recipe | Arranged on Essen

I’m not sure what your lunch routine looks like, but I absolutely love mine. Every afternoon for lunch, I make myself a yummy green smoothie or some like to call it, green machine. I love it because it can be so versatile depending on what you put in it. I’m sharing my favorite combination down below & you won’t believe how easy it is:

Green Machine Recipe | Arranged on Essen

Green Machine Recipe | Arranged on Essen


You will need:

1/2 C Frozen fruit
1/3 C greek yogurt
2 heaping Cups fresh spinach
3/4 C unsweetened almond milk

Load your blender or blender bullet up, and mix until combined! ( For best results, load your blender in the order that the ingredients are listed, but as long as it’s all combined you’ll be just fine! ) Pour your green juice into a cup, insert a straw, and enjoy!

Isn’t that so easy? I LOVE IT! My favorite fruit combination is strawberry, banana, mango, and pineapple but you can literally use anything you want in it. My favorite greek yogurt is the Greek Gods brand + Honey flavor, but anything you want would also work. I use silk original flavor for my almond milk, but have tried it with vanilla and it’s also good. I’ve also been wanting to try it with coconut milk instead of almond, because I think that would be so yummy, too!

Try it out and let me know if you try any other combinations, I love to switch it up every once and a while!

Green Machine Recipe | Arranged on Essen

Essentials for the Arctic Chill


Essentials for the Arctic Chill | Arranged on Essen

After returning home from warm + sunny Florida last week, we were welcomed back home to good old Minnesota with below zero temps. Nothing says welcome home like a foot of snow, right? So, in honor of the bitter cold weather I have put together a list of essentials to help get us all stay warm through this arctic chill.

01. Any of the candles that Anthropologie sells smell amazing, and this Voluspa French Cade Lavender scent is one that I could smell all day.
02. This top from Parc Boutique looks like just the slouchy top I need for a day of sipping hot cocoa and movie watching.
03. How cute are these Madewell slippers, though? And, they’re even on sale for half the price right now! #score
04. I just recently was exposed to the goodness that is Schoolhouse Electric, and I think that it could be a dangerous thing… because I would like to press ‘buy’ on everything that is in my shopping cart right now ( including this wool throw ).
05. Love Your Melon is a super awesome nonprofit organization from MPLS that has a mission to put a hat on every child battling cancer. For every hat sold, an identical hat is given to a child fighting cancer. Plus, their hats are adorable. I want one in every color. For more info, or to buy a hat visit their website.
06. We spent almost every night in Florida at the hot tub ( possibly with a strongly mixed drink ), so I’m thinking that taking a warm bath with this Sea Bath Soak from Forage Modern Workshop would be a close second.
07. Sweatpants that can be made into a cute outfit are my favorite thing in the world these days, and this pair from J.Crew are the perfect example.
08. If you’re not always in need of more socks, I don’t believe you. I’m always losing one in the wash, or getting holes. So these waffle-stitch socks from Gap are sounding pretty good to me and my cold toes right about now.
09. Puppy snuggles always help me get through the cold winter season. This antler toy from Love Thy Beast is seriously adorable plus, all their products are made in America!

Now go grab your pup, throw on some cozy sweats, and curl up with your favorite throw – I hear Netflix calling your name! What are some of your arctic chill essentials?

Background ft. Lindsay Marie


Fern Watercolor background | Arranged on Essen Ft. Lindsay Marie

I’m thrilled to be featuring my sister, Lindsay‘s artwork in this month’s background!! She had the day off of school today thanks to the bitter cold and we got to hang out, listen to music, and bounce inspiration off of each other. While we hung out today, she worked on this fern watercolor and I couldn’t love it more. I’m actually going to matte it and hang it up in our family room because it goes perfectly with our colors down there. If you’d like to download these for your computer / iPad / iPhone, feel free to follow the links below!

1280×800 | 1440×900 | 1680×1050 | 2650×1440 | iPad | iPhone

Watercolor made exclusively for Arranged on Essen by Lindsay Marie.

Christmas Roadtrip


Roadtrip to Florida | arranged on essen

Getting back into the swing of things on my ( last ever, what?! ) college holiday break after getting back from Florida last Wednesday afternoon. We drove there and back in two cars ( there were eight of us ). Driving through the night is one of my least favorite things to do, but the ( not-so ) kid car obsessively listened to the podcast, Serial on the way down which made the long days in the car a little easier! PS if you’ve listened to Serial, I wanna know what your thoughts are!!

Harry Potter World | arranged on essen

Our first destination when we got to Florida was Orlando. We spent all of our time there embracing our inner-geeks and walking around harry potter world in Universal Studios with our jaws on the ground soaking in all of the magic. Even though the lines were mega-long and the humidity was no joke, I loved every minute of it. I hope that someday I get to go back and spend more time wandering through all the little stores and hidden spots when it isn’t so crazy packed.

South Beach, Miami FL | arranged on essen

Miami Taco Stand |arranged on essen

We spent christmas at my grandma’s house in Port St. Lucie, which was great to be able to spend time with her on christmas after 13 years of being in different states during the holidays. After Christmas, we packed up and headed down to Boca Raton, where we spent the next couple days wandering around South Beach Miami, and Delray Beach. A trip wouldn’t be complete without having one of those meals that you consider to be “the best meal of your life” right?? During our stay in Boca Raton, we ate at two places that fed me the BEST meals of my life. The first, was this little hole-in-the-wall italian restaurant called Piccolino in Boca Raton. I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese, and i couldn’t get enough. I kept stealing bites off of other plates, too the Penne Vodka was another one to die for. The second restaurant we ate at that I couldn’t get enough of was called Taquiza, which was this little taco bar right off of south beach in Miami. Their tacos and chips + guac were AH-MAZING. Seriously, if you’re ever in South Beach, find them – you won’t regret it.

#SELFIE | arranged on essen

Of course, I had to grab a selfie with my mom on the beach, because it was so pretty. If you look closely, you can see other members of my family doing weird things in the background. I caught breanna snapping pictures for instagram, too which I just think is hilarious.

I hope your holidays were filled with good food + good company! There’s even more pictures from our trip over on instagram. Cheers to 2015 ♥

A Fauxgiving Gathering

Faux Thanksgiving Tablescape | Arranged on Essen

I hope everyone is having a smooth start to their week after a long holiday weekend! I’m thankful for such an awesome family to spend my holidays with. A couple weeks ago, we had a small gathering at Breanna + Michael’s house since they were going to be out of town for actual Thanksgiving. We called it our fauxgiving, since we wanted to still celebrate the holiday together, even though it was the week before.

Faux Thanksgiving Tablescape | Arranged on Essen

Faux Thanksgiving Tablescape | Arranged on Essen

Faux Thanksgiving Tablescape | Arranged on Essen

We wanted to keep the menu in the thanksgiving theme but also keep it light and fresh. We ended up having chicken with a lemon sauce, sauteed fresh green beans, roasted potatoes ( of all kinds and colors to go with the thanksgiving theme! ), salad, and a mini baguette at each table spot. Yum, I’m hungry just thinking about all the goodies we ate that night.

Faux Thanksgiving Tablescape | Arranged on Essen

Now onto the Christmas decorating! Thanksgiving is always such a great way to kick off the holiday season! What were your thanksgiving plans?